Does my horse need extra protein? Know if you should supplement protein to your horse's diet

The power of protein in the overall health of your horse is essential…

Yet, it is one of the six key nutrients composing an equine diet, which is often the most misunderstood.

Protein has quite a unique function in the body- providing amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of the body, composing muscle, soft tissue, bones and the hair and hoof.

Not only is protein there to build (grow), it’s around to repair and regenerate.

Are you feeding your horse to – “build a house of bricks or sticks”?

Well, it all starts with know whether or not your specific horse is in need of extra protein in the diet…

And I reveal EXACTLY what are my 3 top reasons why I would and HOW to make the choice with 3 EASY and EFFECTIVE steps, in your brand new THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY Mini Fast Track Training – just released!

3 Reasons WHY you would supplement protein to your horse’s diet:

  1. Improve hoof growth and strength
  2. Improve coat and hair growth, sheen and strength
  3. Muscles! Needs to improve the size and strength of the top-line muscle

Stay tuned for the next Think About It Thursday mini Fast Track Training!

Here’s to happy, healthy horses!


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