Think About It Thursday. #1 mistake when measuring your horse's feed
Think About It Thursday. #1 Mistake When Measuring Your Horse's Feed

Ahhg! Don’t you just hate making mistakes? 

I bet you are a bit like me, and hate making mistakes…

But will admit you’ve made them before. I’ll admit to many 🙂

Sometimes we have to make mistakes in order to learn the correct way.

We learn the steps to do a task or skill better, more efficiently and simply serves us better in the long run.

Well, it all starts with avoiding the #1 mistake (and common) when measuring out your horse’s feed…

And I reveal EXACTLY what that mistake is and  HOW to make correct it with 3 EASY and EFFECTIVE steps, in your brand new THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY Mini Fast Track Training – just released!

Pssst….it has to do with measuring by WEIGHT not by VOLUME.

Become a “Good Scooper” to ensure accuracy and consistency when creating your horses ration.

Plus know this mistake, and how to correct it, you’ll be able to better communicate with your equine health professional team when asked important dietary questions 🙂

Here’s to happy, healthy horses! Until next time 🙂