How to get your horse's top line in tip-top shape
How to build horse's top line

Do you ever wish your horse’s top line was a little stronger, rounder, bigger…or actually there?

If you are anything like me, this is a top of mind challenge…

Especially if we are about to jump into show season!

But, let’s be real getting the top line in tip-top shape can be a bit of a challenge.

Well, it all starts with reducing sugar in the diet…

And I reveal EXACTLY what costly effect feeding sugar has and HOW to make the correction with 3 EASY and EFFECTIVE steps, in your brand new THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY Mini Fast Track Training – just released!

Don’t fall into believing some common stated MYTHS:

  1. “My horse’s top line, is what it is”
  2. “My horse’s top line won’t ever be nice, because of his genetics”
  3. “All you gotta’ do is exercise the horse even more”

Those are not only untrue, but misleading, but so many Horse Owners only focus on half the puzzle.

See you next time…Here’s to happy, healthy horses!


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