The secret to building (& keeping) progress with your horse goals. we set big goals with our horse training and that's great, but sometimes they get off track. 3 secrets to keeping that progress and mindset strong

In 2016 I worked with horses in a very clear pattern of start – stop – start – stop (oh hey, confused horse.) I had no clear progress towards my horse specific training goals.

It all balanced out in the end (with plenty of great lessons), but it was exhausting and a bit too hype-y for my taste.

While free-lunging my mare Tilly the other day I had a *maga* Ah-Ha moment that helped me understand what I was doing all those years ago – helping me see why it is SO important to just slow down and keep movin’.

Basically slow it way on down and get my turtle race on. Leaving the hare in the dust.

Spoiler Alert: run the turtle race because that guy wins!

If you’ve had a hard time keeping steady with your horse lately, you’re gonna like this one.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • How achieving the goals with your horse is like being a loose horse in the arena- fresh out of the stall
  • What I did to get my productive mojo back after numerous “stops” along the way
  • How to come to terms with your own seasons of life (without losing progress with your horse)
  • That our horses always look the happiest when they are able to be free and buck as they please

Click below to watch (or take a listen):

To Unsaddle this lesson:

There’s no denying it: Progress feels GOOD. Momentum feels GOOD

When we don’t take steps forward toward something we want- we deflate.

We feel directionless and disoriented because we ARE directionless.

When we pause and remind ourselves where we’re headed (i.e. look forward!), it’s SO much easier to keep moving forward.

If you’ve lost your momentum ( & that progress-productive feelin’), on your horse training goals…

Here’s how to get back in the saddle and on the track runnin’

  1. Choose ONE task you’d like to complete (or one goal you’d like to meet) in the next week (or month)
  2. Break that DOWN into teeny-bite-sized action items (steps). We’re talkin’ tiny steps, like little ears on a baby mini tiny!
  3. Commit to doing at least ONE of those items/steps the next time you see your horse. (And have the list ready of next steps in case you’re on a roll.)

Example: In the video above, I share how hard it was (mentally, physically and spiritually) to get back into a productive mojo with my horses after taking so much time away. I challenged myself to spend time with each horse every day for 10 days. I didn’t start with tacking up and riding. Literally- day one all I did was walk into the space of each horse, said “Hi”, and offered some scratches. BOOM.

Get the point here, friend?

THIS is being the turtle. And the turtle WINS.

Stick your head out of the shell.

Start. Walk, run (or trot!) your race.

Stay focused. You’ve got this.

Your Barn-Homework

In the comments below, share:

What is ONE totally achievable tiny-step you will take next with your horse to start (or keep) building progress & momentum?

Here’s to productive turtles.

~ Erica

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