Where to start…what do you do when your horse says “no” to a behavior or activity?

This little training is for you if…

You and your horse are not living the dreamy life right now…because you are struggling with an unwanted behavior, or a “problem”.

Maybe you can’t even halter your horse easily.

Maybe your horse tenses up and literally says “no” to being saddled or bridled.

Maybe they struggle to walk out of the barn and to the arena.

Or standing at the mounting block is a feat of it’s own.

Solving a behavior problem with your horse is a challenge, one key is to not compare yourself to others this will crush drams and start a negative cycle

What I want to offer you today is a way to demystify the process a bit.

How you can actually go about effectively building an amazing relationship with your horse?

Even if and especially if you feel like you are at a stand still, stuck because you and your horse are struggling to move past with an unwanted behavior.

Even if that behavior is pawing in the cross ties, separation anxiety, spooking at the gate, or more so like struggles with haltering, saddling or bridling and you feel like you have little to no hope to ride like you want to.

Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • What should I do? 

  • How do I start? 

  • Where do I practically start? 

  • And start making this happen? Making this shift.

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